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Eliza Douli

Marmeliza jam workshop

32 Chr. Larara Str.

Naousa Imathias

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Orange in syrup 

Bitter orange in syrup

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It all begun in 2012, when Eliza Douli, the owner of Marmeliza jam workshop, decided to put her genuine talent in making delicious fruit marmelades to good use. The result was a simple yet cosy and very pretty space in the heart of Naousa, Elizas hometown.

Her fresh ideas combined with her love and creative imagination were the initial components for the creation of the workshop. Another important factor has been the fact Naousa is one of the many Greek towns that are famous for their fruit production. What a better way to take advantage of all this plethora of fruit than making tasty home-made jams and fruity sweets, produced according to the traditional recipe.

Fruit that has been picked selectively from all around the rural area of Naousa and the lack of any preservatives contribute to the production of goods that are high quality and of considerable nutritional value.

Fresh fruit, sugar and lemon juice are daily being mixed into the pots and pans of the Marmeliza jam workshop in order to create the Oh So Delizious jams and fruity sweets.

It didn't take long for the Oh So Delizious products to attract the attention of food lovers. Weeks after Marmeliza opened, an article at Vima Gourmet magazine, one of the most respected food magazines in the country, featured the space and it's jams, referring to them as "some of the juiciest jams around".

In the shop, one can find a great variety of jams and fruit sweets. Pretty jars full of flavours and delicious taste will make anyone who visits the shop travel in time.

A very special range is The Golden Series. The idea behind it is to mix traditional flavours with unexpected ingredients such as jalapeno pepper, rum or wite chocolate, promising a unique tasting experience.
The long table in the centre of the shop is ideal for sitting down in order to taste any jam and decide which one fits each customer. Customers can also sit and enjoy a number of other home made sweets, the main component of which is also fruit or fruit jam.
So what's left for you is to look for these cute jars and emty them!

Oh So Delizious products are also available in many stores in Athens and other towns of Greece and countries of abroad.
Some of the products are now also sold through the Action Aid online shop. Action Aid is a non-profit organization aiming to fight poverty and inequality.