Χειροποίητες Μαρμελάδες

Παραγωγή φυσικών, γευστικών και αρωματικών μαρμελάδων με ή χωρίς ζάχαρη, γλυκών του κουταλιού, αποξηραμένων φρούτων και πεστίλης χωρίς ζάχαρη με βάση τον παραδοσιακό τρόπο παρασκευής.

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No sugar jams

The fruits are grown in the region of Macedonia and are always harvested at the right time of ripening. Sugar is replaced by natural grape juice and the only preservative is natural lemon juice. The jam preserves the aroma and flavor of the fruit. The lack of sugar makes it a healthy product and an important source of energy.
The packaging is inspired by the authentic traditional handmade kilims of the region and beyond. The elaborate patterns and vibrant colors make up unique pieces reminiscent of works of art. All the magic of the Greek tradition is imprinted on them and the culture of each place remains indelible over the years.

Authentic Jams

The fruits are grown in the region of Macedonia and are always harvested at the right time of ripening. It is a rich source of many vitamins, minerals and fiber. Jam is a healthy product and a unique source of energy. The sugar contained is the minimum possible amount and natural lemon juice is used as a preservative. The jam contains pieces of fruit and strongly preserves their aromas and taste.
The packaging is inspired by the traditional women's costume of Naoussa, which belongs to the Macedonian urban costumes of the 18th-19th centuries.

Spoon Sweets

The spoon sweets is a sweet closely related to the Greek tradition. Made from fresh local fruits that thrive in the wider area of Naoussa, based on old authentic recipes entrusted to us with their hearts by grandmothers from various parts of Greece.

Fruit leather rolls

Lavashak (pestil) is a traditional sweet originating from Persia. It is consumed in all months of the year and is an ideal snack for young and old, as it is rich in nutritional value, vitamins and energy. Naoushak is based on the same old recipe. It is prepared exclusively from fresh fruits of Naoussa, which are mashed and dried without preservatives, sugar and colorings. It is a nutritious snack ideal for adding to sauces and sweets.

About us

The company Marmeliza Handmade Delicacies was founded in Naoussa in 2012 by its owner Eliza Doulis. Her desire to take advantage of the region's abundant fruit cultivation and to produce products that are closely linked to the local tradition resulted in the creation of the Marmeliza workshop.


The goal is the production of natural, tasty and aromatic jams with or without sugar, spoon sweets, dried fruits and sugar-free pestles based on the traditional way of preparation.