Χειροποίητες Μαρμελάδες

Παραγωγή φυσικών, γευστικών και αρωματικών μαρμελάδων με ή χωρίς ζάχαρη, γλυκών του κουταλιού, αποξηραμένων φρούτων και πεστίλης χωρίς ζάχαρη με βάση τον παραδοσιακό τρόπο παρασκευής.

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Products & Packaging

Fruits that are always at the right time of ripening and the lack of preservatives and coloring substances contribute to the production of high quality products with significant nutritional value.

The packaging of the products is mainly inspired by the local culture of the city and aims to maintain a close relationship with our traditions and roots.


Marmeliza Handmade Delicacies

The company Marmeliza Handmade Delicacies was founded in Naoussa in 2012 by its owner Eliza Doulis. Her desire to take advantage of the region’s abundant fruit cultivation and to produce products that are closely linked to the local tradition resulted in the creation of the Marmeliza workshop.

The goal is the production of natural, tasty and aromatic jams with or without sugar, spoon sweets, dried fruits and sugar-free pestles based on the traditional way of preparation.