The following transaction terms apply to all sales contracts between you

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As well as its customers, which are concluded through the company’s online store.

Please read the following Terms and Conditions of Use carefully before visiting or using the Marmeliza Website. Any access by you to the material found on the Marmeliza Website and any use thereof is subject to these Terms and Conditions of Use. If you choose to visit or use our Website, it is assumed that you have read, that you have understood and that you are in full compliance with the Terms and Conditions of Use of that particular Website.

Scope of Use of the Website

The business relations between the company and its customers are governed by these terms of business, as they are found on the company’s
website and in their current version. Marmeliza does not recognize transaction terms deviating from this document.

Order and conclusion of the contract

The buyer can choose from Marmeliza’s catalog the products to be purchased and send his order to Marmeliza via the “Order” button. In this way, the buyer expresses the binding offer for the purchase of the selected products. Before sending his order, the buyer can review and change his details in order to correct any errors. Further, the buyer’s order is only binding if he has accepted by selecting the box “I accept the Terms of Use”

Marmeliza confirms the buyer’s order as well as its contents negligently The delivery of the products is carried out within 48 hours from the time of the order.

Marmeliza bears no responsibility for errors in the entry of order data. The contract data in the form of the order confirmation is not completely stored by us.


The prices indicated at the time of the order apply. This does not apply to errors or misrepresentations of products. All prices include VAT. The seller has the right to take measures in the future that will lead to a price reduction (eg Coupons, Points)

The final cost of each order will be calculated after packaging costs (if any) are added to the retail price of each product, while shipping costs will be borne by the customer from the shipping address If the delivery concerns countries where VAT does not apply, then the price is the net price of the product plus the respective tax. In addition, in the event of an order from other countries, the products are subject to additional costs (e.g. Customs costs). These are borne by the buyer Marmeliza reserves the right to modify the prices of its products, however, any such modification will not affect orders already shipped or received, which have been accepted by Marmeliza.

It is noted that Marmeliza may withdraw and not fulfill an order, without reason, while in this case the price that may have already been collected will be refunded.


Deliveries are determined by the conditions prevailing at the time of the order to the delivery address specified by the buyer

It is not possible for the buyer to pick up the goods from the store If the buyer is unable to receive the order or culpably violates his obligations for cooperation in the context of the execution of the contract, Marmeliza has the right to claim any damage caused causally by the buyer. Marmeliza reserves further claims.

The risk of accidental destruction or damage to the product is attributed to the buyer, if at that time he was unable to receive the thing.

Reservation of ownership

The delivered product remains the property of Marmeliza until full payment.

Terms of Payment

The repayment of the purchased product is considered due upon acceptance of the order by the company.

Payment is made based on the payment conditions in effect at the time of the order. You can find the default payment methods in the “Payment Methods” note The payment method chosen by the buyer in agreement with Marmeliza may deviate from the predefined transaction methods. It is not possible to reduce the price by agreement. In the case of non-execution or return of the debenture, the buyer hereby irrevocably authorizes his bank to inform Marmeliza of his name and address. Possible costs arising from the specific process can be
claimed by Marmeliza. You can find out specific information regarding the terms of payment from the offers on the website of the provider of the respective service (payment or delivery)


Marmeliza is only liable for fraud and gross negligence regarding the products to be sold.

Marmeliza is also liable for damage caused by slight negligence in the case of damage to bodily integrity and life.

The legal representatives, assistants and assistants of the company are liable to the extent that the company is also liable

Marmeliza is not responsible for the quality of the shipment of the products.


The offering and distribution of alcoholic products via the internet is permitted without the existence of an age verification system. In case of ordering alcoholic beverages, you are asked to confirm your legal age. If you enter incorrect information, you may be liable for compensation

General Terms and Conditions of Use

If any of the above Terms and Conditions of Use is deemed illegal, invalid or unenforceable, the specific term will be considered as if it had not been written, but without affecting the enforceability and validity of the remaining terms. Marmeliza may at any time modify any or all of the Terms and Conditions of Use contained herein and users shall be deemed to have been notified of and bound by the changes once they appear on the Marmeliza Website. Marmeliza reserves the right to modify or delete material on the Website at any time at its sole discretion.


The user has the right to withdraw from the order of products. The withdrawal can be sent either by e-mail to the address or by post to the following address Marmeliza, 4th km of Veria – Naoussa (Agios Georgios Junction), with the indication “ORDER WITHDRAWAL” The user can exercise the right of withdrawal and to return the item as soon
as possible and in any case within one (1) calendar day of the order. Our company will undertake to pick up the product from the place indicated by the user and will replace it if and if the user so wishes otherwise will proceed to refund the value of the product at the time of purchase within ten (10) days . A necessary condition – in any case – is that the returned item has its packaging intact and complete, its original purchase documents and any other accompanying form or item. In case some type does not

Applicable law

These Terms and Conditions of Use as well as the use of this Website shall be governed by the laws of Greece.


The headquarters of Marmeliza is located at the 4th km of Veria – Naoussa (Kombos Agios Georgios.


Pay on delivery

You can pay for your order upon delivery to your location by paying the total amount to the courier company employee. Cash on delivery is only available in cash and the charge is €2.00.

Bank account deposit

You can pay for your order by depositing into our bank account as shown below.


ACCOUNT NO.: GR91 0172 2440 0052 4408 8847 959

BENEFICIARY: Douli Elizabeth

For remittances from another Bank, bank charges are borne entirely by the customer.

Payment by Debit or Credit Card

You can safely use your credit or debit card to purchase products from our website. The charge as well as the details of your Credit / Debit card are done EXCLUSIVELY and ONLY in the environment of the cooperating bank. Therefore, we will not know your card number or other information you will provide when charging it.

Business data

VAT number 049523516
DOU Verias
Headquarters Patrida Veria
LOAD number: 124353126000